Metal Statue of Jain Tirthankar

Metal Statue of Jain Tirthankar

Metal Statue of Jain Tirthankar

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  • Weight: 9.00kg
  • Width 3.50in
  • Height 9.00in
  • Length 7.00in
  • ₹12,945.45

  • Ex Tax: ₹12,329.00

Marble statue of Jain Tirthankar. As per Jainism cosmology, there are 24  Jain Tirthankar, who were highly regarded soul. they all have a different sign as well as symbol. All Jain Tirthankars are basically a source of Knowledge & Wisdom. they are worshipped in India as well as in the rest part of the world. This statue is being made from the superior quality of Marble.  

According to VASTU SHASTRA beliefs (Science of Architecture), Spiritual or Religious Statue or Figurine Always Spread Umpteen Amount of Peace, happiness, and Success. The presence of this statue brings the total inner peace and energy. It can be placed at various temples and also can be excellent gift choices for various occasions. You can present this statue as a gift 

 This product is 100% made in India and crafted by skilled and ace Statue maker under the “Make in India" Plan. This handmade statue is a very durable, attractive and amazing addition for your home décor & home temple. 


Material, Size & Weight: - White Marble, 7X3.5X9 Inch. & Wt. 9 Kg.


Wash & Care: -This statue is daily washable & clean with a soft dry cotton cloth or stone soap. Do not use lemon Juice, Vinegar or any other cleaners containing Acids, do not clean with harsh chemicals.

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